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Whoever said there is no such thing as time travel obviously wasn't an astronomer.  Here at the Western Montana Astronomical Association, we look back in time to see things much older than any living person.  Founded in 1982 and located in Missoula, Montana our club is dedicated to a personal appreciation of astronomy and to expanding public awareness of the night sky.


With over 20 members and an assortment of equipment, the club offers several public star parties each year.  For the latest information on upcoming events, check this site from time to time.  Please feel free to address questions (e.g., how do I join the club or how do I make this new telescope work or where can I find answers about interests in astronomy?) through the Contact Us form. Please feel free to come to a meeting or email to the club and we will be happy to help with any question you might have.


If you’re looking for information on the library checkout telescope program, check here.

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